Ubuntu based problem when copying heavy files and folders

Ubuntu, Linux Mint (which is based on Ubuntu) and other Ubuntu based distro out there all suffered from a problem while copying heavy files and folders using GUI. When I tried transferring my data from a External HDD to another External HDD using GUI (drag and drop, or copy and paste), it was showing high… Continue reading Ubuntu based problem when copying heavy files and folders


Using RealVNC on Raspian

To practice image processing on Raspberry using its own camera, I need to be able to output image some where I can see, like on a HDTV screen via HDMI. But it has 2 setbacks: By design, SSH is secured and can not direct its output to other terminals. We can find a way around… Continue reading Using RealVNC on Raspian

DIY Soldering Station [part 5]

My soldering station is working nicely now for a while. Below is my demo video of it. Not all functions demonstrated in this video though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmCQ9N5UV8s As always, all codes, schematics and PCBs is updated on my GitHub project page: http://www.github.com/wonbinbk/SSS 1. Heating control In this version of code, heat is controlled using only Proportional… Continue reading DIY Soldering Station [part 5]

[Vietnamese only] Giao tiếp serial trên Linux

Để giao tiếp với cổng com, có thể dùng cutecom, hoặc chính bản thân terminal. Nếu dùng cutecom thì cũng tương tự với các chương trình khác. Ví dụ với terminal thôi: Code: #Thiết lập com /dev/ttyUSB0 với baudrate cần thiết, stty -F /dev/ttyUSB0 speed 115200 raw #raw tức là hiển thị tất cả, không… Continue reading [Vietnamese only] Giao tiếp serial trên Linux