DIY Soldering Station [part 4]

Hi everyone, anyone, who is still reading this 😦 Check out my latest version of the SSS (Smart Soldering Station - Yes, it sounds cool, doesn't it?) on  GitHub. 1.Power supply: In V1, I used a buck regulator to step down from 19V, and powered the logic parts. But it was so hard to filter… Continue reading DIY Soldering Station [part 4]


DIY Soldering station [Part 3]

Power supply: This soldering station need to be efficient. I will choose switch mode power supply. The circuit will have 2 power inputs: from 24V AC though a rectifier or 19.5VDC from a spare laptop power supply. I prefer the laptop power supply since it will be safer to use and output voltage will be… Continue reading DIY Soldering station [Part 3]