Using RealVNC on Raspian

To practice image processing on Raspberry using its own camera, I need to be able to output image some where I can see, like on a HDTV screen via HDMI. But it has 2 setbacks: By design, SSH is secured and can not direct its output to other terminals. We can find a way around… Continue reading Using RealVNC on Raspian


Fixed IP Address & Fixed SSID for Wifi access on Raspbian Jessie

The latest version of Raspbian, Jessie, change the way Wifi config works. Old tutorial on the Internet doesn't work anymore. Follow these steps to configure Wifi for your Raspberry headlessly (no display). After copy Raspbian Jessie image into your SD card, open terminal and change directory into SD card. 1. To config Wifi network: Edit… Continue reading Fixed IP Address & Fixed SSID for Wifi access on Raspbian Jessie