DIY Soldering station [Part 1]

Every DIY nerd out there has one or many solder on the bench. I for one have a 220VAC solder iron which is still working flawlessly. But I would love to have a soldering station where I can adjust the temperature on the tip. And while I’m at it, why not add some more necessary or not necessary but fun functions to it. That’s why I’ve been working on designing and making a soldering station. It’s still an ongoing project. But please bear with me.

I bought a ripped off Hakko 907 ESD soldering iron for ~5$ (yes, 5 USD). I also bought another A1321 heating element to use with it. The iron already has a heating element inside, but with a cheap price, why not get a spare since these are probably made in China. They tends to fail!

Hakko 907 (source: Internet).

The Hakko 907 is rated 24V 50W. It has 5 wires: blue pair (for the temperature sensor-which is a Positive Temperature Coefficient sensor, red pair (for the heating element) and black wire that connected to the tip (for grounding).

Measuring this iron, I got the resistor value of these pairs:

  • Heating element: 3-4 Ω when cool (30°C), 6-7 Ω when hot.
  • PTC sensor: 56 Ω when cool (30°C), 150 Ω when hot. And by hot I mean when I left it on for 15 minutes with full power.

There was a lot of DIY soldering station projects already made public like this one based on AVR or this one based on Arduino. I like to reinvent the wheel because of the following reasons:

  • I want it to be open source hardware & software.
  • I want it to be based on PIC or dsPIC microcontroller because I have a lot of PICs in my pocket and none of AVR.
  • I want to add some more functions: display time while standing by, auto standby, auto power off…
  • I want to learn something in the process, not just copy and paste without knowing anything about it.
  • I want it to fit nicely in my already made acrylic box… Ok this one is not so important. 😀






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